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14th Nov 2020

Ready for solids? Meet the non-toxic and ultra stylish plates, cups and bibs you’ll love

Trine Jensen-Burke

Baby Boosa

Is your baby approaching the six-month mark and getting ready for his or her taste of actual food?

Then we bet you are going to love these gorgeous – and seriously cool – products from Baby Boosa – made for babies – and stylish, safety-conscious mums!

This brand new collection of mealtime accessories for babies and toddlers were made by – of course – two parents, who, when ready to start weaning their own baby just a couple of years back, realised there was absolutely a gap in the market for functional, safe and stylish bibs, cups and plates.

And so they set to work – and earlier this year, in the middle of lockdown (where they also, coincidentally, welcomed another baby!), Baby Boosa was launched.

Made from soft silicone for comfort, Baby Boosa’s stylish bibs are designed with a deep reinforced food catcher. Which, I think we can all agree, will save you some mopping!

What I love even more? All the Baby Boosa products are BPA free and come in a reusable storage bag to eliminate single-use plastic. 

Good for baby – good for the planet.


Here is what Mira and Dan, the couple behind the brand, has to say about their products:

“Tested to the highest standards we manufacture using premium certified non-toxic BPA-free silicone material which is super soft and safe for little children.”

As for the environmental aspect:

“Every detail is carefully designed, we have replaced all single-use plastic with our special re-usable and practical storage bags that are so useful for parents.”


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This cup is not just cute, it’s baby chino perfect size cute!

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As well as this, Baby Boosa will run a recycling programme, meaning you can pop the products back in the post to them when you’re finished using them. This will be launching soon, so keep an eye on the webiste and sign up for the newsletter for more info.


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Cloud mine plates in the prettiest palettes ? #babyboosa

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The collection includes bowl-and-spoon sets, plates, cups, bibs and snack pots, and come in colours: Dusky Pink, Dusky Rose, Concrete Grey, Riviera Blue and my personal favourite, Salted Caramel!

As well as mealtime accessories, Baby Boosa also sell these adorable cube learning blocks. This set of 12 soft velvety educational building blocks come with numbers, fruits, animals and symbols in an assortment of pastel colours. And we think they make the perfect gift!


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