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09th Jan 2019

This ‘smart’ baby bed costs over €1,100 – would you pay it?

It has some glowing reviews.

Anna O'Rourke

This 'smart' baby bed costs over €1,100 - would you pay it?

When we think of the home of the future, we tend to think of high-tech security systems and stunning home entertainment, of energy efficiency and maybe even a kitchen that cooks dinner for you.

What most of us probably haven’t considered is that home technology will probably play a big role in how we raise our children, right from the beginning.

One of the biggest signs that we’re moving towards smart solutions in child-rearing might already be here – the ‘Snoo’ smart baby bed.

It’s been designed to mimic conditions of the womb with five ‘S’s in mind – swaddle, shush, swing, suck, and side or stomach.

The baby is swaddled and secured into the Snoo to keep them from rolling into an unsafe position.

When he or she wakes, the bed will rock gently and play white noise.

Its creator, US paediatrician Dr Harvey Karp, knew that getting baby to sleep is a big priority for new parents – and hoped that they’d be willing to part with a lot of money for a quiet night.

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The Snoo came on the market with a price tag of $1,295 (around €1,130) – and was met with both delight and disdain.

Reviews from parents who have used the cot are overwhelmingly positive – Ashton Kutcher described it as “incredible” – but its price tag puts it pretty far out of reach of most parents.

The New York Times went as far as to say that Dr Karp was guilty of suggesting “that child rearing is inherently tied to social status, that you have to spend in order to care.”

Now, over two years after its launch, the company is aiming to become more accessible

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It has announced that the Snoo will be available to rent in the US for $148.95 (€130) a month, with a one-month minimum rental.

The cot can be used up to six months, which would end up costing just under $900 (€785).

“The Snoo introduces a new concept: Both parents and the baby get more sleep. Is that worth the cost of a cup of coffee (a day)?” Dr Karp told Vox recently.

Every new mum or dad would kill for guaranteed sleep, but could you pay these kind of prices for it?