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Early years

13th Jul 2018

This handmade Irish product will make organising your changing bag SO much easier

When packing your child’s changing bag it can feel a bit like packing everything but the kitchen sink.

You need nappies, wipes, bottles, spare clothes, snacks…the list goes on and on.

With so many items crammed into one bag things tend to get jumbled and lost, and as always you can never find the one thing that you’re looking for when you need it.

This handy parenting piece popped up in my home feed last night and it’s a really nifty little product for helping to keep your changing bag organised and your items easy to access.

How cute are these?

These super sweet nappy wallets from Teepee Tots are not only adorable but completely hand made!

The Irish business which specialises in teepees, shared their latest product on their Facebook page last night.

These organisers are designed to hold your nappies and wipes so you can have easy access to them when you really need them in a hurry.

They come in several stylish designs which will make them easy to distinguish in the chaos that is the everyday parent’s changing bag.

My personal favourite is the pink chevrons as I love chevrons.

My changing bag and pram organiser are decorated in a grey chevron design so it would match up very well.

These handy wallets are not yet on the companies website but I expect they will be soon and when they are I’ll be in there like swimwear!