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28th Apr 2021

Unsafe bedding is still the no. 1 cause of cot death

Melissa Carton

'Being Mammy without Mam': raising a child having just lost a parent

Shocking statistics.

As parents we always want to keep our children safe, but how do we protect them while they are sleeping.

Cot death is still one of the leading causes of death in infants and small children, but a lot of it is preventable.

Recent research has found that the number one cause of cot death is due to ill fitting and unsafe bedding.

A recent study which study analyzed data from 4,929 cases of SUID from 2011-2017 found that in 72 percent of those deaths, unsafe bedding was the cause.

This is due to ill fitting bedding becoming a suffocation hazard.

In many of the cases young infants became trapped in sheets or under blankets or had loose fitting cot bumpers fall on them, restricting their ability to breathe.

'Being Mammy without Mam': raising a child having just lost a parent

According to Dr. Rachel Moon cribs should be placed in the parents or caregiver’s room for at least the first six months after a baby is born.

This is too ensure that if the baby is struggling to come loose from their bedding or have something fall on their face their caregiver can notice quickly and help them.

While discussing the issue of cot death Dr. Moon said;

“These deaths are still happening–and they happen to well-meaning parents.

I know that it is hard to do safe sleep for each and every sleep, but please keep doing it!

Remember that the safest baby is one who is on the back, in a crib or bassinet or another flat, firm surface, without anything in it.”

It is recommended that all sheets or blankets in a child’s cot be fitted or wrapped/swaddled around them in a way that they can’t accidentally cover their faces.

It is also recommended that no cushions or soft toys be placed in the crib as these can also lead to accidental suffocation.