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27th Jan 2020

You can go on a drunk yoga retreat in Mexico, and SIGN us up

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Say no more…

This actually sounds amazing!

Eli Walker, founder of Drunk Yoga and a certified astrologer, has teamed up with online travel agency CheapCaribbean for a “New Year, Do You Retreat.”

A drunk yoga retreat, lads.

The extended weekend, which will be held from February 20-23, 2020 at the Haven Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa focuses on self-care, mental wellness and daily drunk yoga and meditation classes and astrology readings.

Sounds class, doesn’t it?

Included in the trip are flights, accommodation, sipping and stretching with cocktails in hand, one-on-birth chart readings by Walker, sober sunrise beach yoga, Divine Your Story character-development workshops to inspire self-inquiry, a copy of Walker’s book  and cocktails from her curated menu.

Not too shabby!

drunk yoga retreat

Prices start at $899, which isn’t terrible at all for a full retreat!

Speaking about the retreat, Miss Walker said:

“I’ll be crafting games, stories, and challenges to include in this special Drunk Yoga class on the beach – Cancun edition, CheapCaribbean style – only after I meet with all participants to give them their astrology readings,”.

“I’ll be weaving in personal insights with astrological attributes into yoga drinking games.”

“This retreat is for the ‘spiritually-curious’ folks who perhaps aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a full 10-day vegan yoga and meditation retreat/cleanse, but are ready to dive a little deeper into understanding themselves and their relationship to the universe in a fun, pressure-free environment,” Walker explains.

“And you can be sure to leave with new friends because there’s nothing I value more than using yoga as a tool for community-building.”

So, when can we get booking?