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04th Nov 2018

European airports are considering banning alcohol before 10am due to abuse

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Makes sense.

An airport is one of those places where the laws of society just don’t apply.

You arrive to check in at, you make it through security and you have some extra time on your hands.

Sure, why not start the holiday early with a pint or a cheeky G&T?

Be rude not too.

Well, it sounds like the age-old tradition of 24-hour drinking in airports may be coming to an end.

The Sun has reported that the British government is launching a review into whether to extend the current high-street drinking laws to busy airports.


The aim of the idea is to cut down on “disruptive or drunk behaviour” while travelling. 

If implemented, airport bars in the UK would not be allowed to serve alcohol until 10am.

Airlines have been calling for new regulations like this for quite some time, after a number of drink-related incidents have disrupted flights.

At the moment pubs and restaurants past passport control are exempt from any licensing act, meaning pubs can pretty much serve alcohol whenever they like in airports. 


The CEO of UK Hospitality spoke about the idea of changing the rules:

New legislation would be unnecessary and unfair and demonise pub goers who deserve the right to enjoy a drink when going on holiday. The vast majority do so responsibly.”

“Most UK air passengers behave responsibly when flying, but any disruptive or drunk behaviour is entirely unacceptable.”

“This Government is committed to ensuring that the travelling environment for airline passengers remains safe and enjoyable.”

What do you think?

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