Super easy family saving goals (so you can afford that summer holiday) 6 years ago

Super easy family saving goals (so you can afford that summer holiday)

A penny saved is a penny earned.

And when it comes to your family - you want to make sure they have everything they need.

But sometimes it takes a bit of work to prioritise things like holidays when they are bills to pay and uniforms to buy.

Those pennies add up to pounds so, with that in mind, we have compiled our best ideas for saving on day-to-day items in order to indulge on a family holiday.

1. Takeaway coffees

I know this is a key joy in the day of a busy mum but you would be surprised at how much this all adds up, especially if you throw that 3 euro in a savings jar instead.

2. Weekend activities

You don't have to spend 40 euro at the farmers market every Sunday - channel your inner hipster a better way like by doing free things like a visit to the park, a playground, feed the ducks at the lake or explore the countryside. The kids will love it too and more money for that jar of yours


3. The Jar

So many people tell me that this is the most primitive, yet effective way, to allow the cash to pile up. We have started our own 'holiday jar' at home and on the last count, we have about 350 euro. More camping than Monte Carlo but that is fine by us. We throw in our loose change, the odd fiver here and there and make sure each month when we get paid we stuff in a few notes. Label it in large writing and place on the centre of the table when grandparents are visiting...moo ha ha

4. Toiletries

I'm not saying to take your child out of nappies but do you really need five different types of bath oil? Could you perhaps deal with plain plasters than mickey mouse ones? These products are expensive, especially when you are buying a few here and there with every grocery shop. Try to reassess if you need that super-expensive shampoo or would you prefer to spend it on a few cocktails in Italy? Priorities..

5. Shop online

There is nothing more sobering than seeing the price of that online basket mounting and mounting when you are doing your grocery shop online. This method of food shopping also removes the element of temptation (and hunger) that seems to creep into my life when I'm in the shops. No mouth-watering smell of baking, no children begging for treats. Win-win.

6. Review your outgoings

It is good practice to stay on top of your monthly bills and see if you can save anywhere. We recently rejigged our internet/phone package and managed to save €10 a month. That is an extra €10 in our pocket each month. You can call most of your service providers to make sure you are being offered the best scheme and see what savings are on offer. Do you really need that gym membership? Why not promise yourself a regular walk or jog instead. Again, it is a matter of priorities and there is no greater incentive than the thoughts of lying on a pretty beach in the sunshine to focus the mind!

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