It's official: These are the Christmas gifts mams and dads want most 11 months ago

It's official: These are the Christmas gifts mams and dads want most

It should come as no surprise that mams don't want kitchenware

Unless it's a pastel KitchenAid, best not buy your mam/wife/sister-in-law anything for her kitchen, this year.

The top 10 gifts mothers would most like to receive this year have been revealed after a survey by gifting company, Moonpig. (You're singing the jingle now, aren't you?)

At number 1, mams are cutting to the chase. We don't want your Crockpot, give us cold hard cash, a bank transfer or gift cards.

In second place, is bath and beauty. This can go horribly wrong though as we know. A generic perfume we may not like, or a 'set' off the shelf in the chemist screams LAST MINUTE PANIC. Find out what she/we likes and uses and get her that. In the big size, if you're feeling flush.

In third place is pyjamas and robes. Who doesn't love new cozies? Especially if they're a little fancier than you'd usually buy yourself.

Clothing and shoes comes in in fourth place, but it really depends who's buying and what their taste is! Maybe get a gift receipt for this one, just in case.

In fiftth place is candles and wax melts. Check out these gorgeous Irish candle companies and support local.


The most popular Christmas gifts as voted for by dads

Technology was number 1, so we hope you're secured the bag on that PS5 by now. If not, God speed.

After that it's alcohol — a nice bottle of his favorite whiskey should go down well.

Dads also love a bit of cash — that's their third choice.

After that it's clothing and shoes, and in fifth place is tools.

Some other interesting factoids thrown up by the survey are that dads are the least fussy with one in five (22%) saying they usually have no preference - this is not helpful, dads! Just tell us what you waaaaaannnnt. (Or you're getting socks.)

And the most popular stocking filler amongst those surveyed? A good old Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Hard to argue with that really.