5 kids bits from Penneys I'm hoping to nab this week 1 year ago

5 kids bits from Penneys I'm hoping to nab this week

I would happily wear all of these in grownup sizes.

You'd think the weirdest thing about having a kid in a pandemic was spending five days in hospital with no visitors, or the fact that he thinks that only me and about four other people exist. But I'd argue that it's the fact I've never bought him anything in Penneys.

Not a sock.

I bang on about supporting small Irish business and believe me, the kid has the coolest collection of bits from indie retailers and Irish designers... But there's room in everyone's life for some affordable kids fashion. And Penneys are nailing it with their latest collection.

Penneys is such an Irish constant. To think he doesn't own so much as a vest from the place, because it's basically been closed the entire time he's been alive. is truly baffling.

But hear this, that's all about to change the second I get my ass in the door of the Dundrum branch this week.

Oh yes Penneys bargains, I'm coming for you. These are the things on the top of my hit list.

1 Rainbow Embroidered Dungarees, €14


How dotey are these? The perfect summer outfit for knocking about in the park. And just one example of how unisex kids clothes are now — j'adore.

2 Dalmation Print Co-ord Set, €7

If I told you these were from a sweet little kids' boutique, you'd believe me, right? I might tell people that. Don't blow my cover.

3 Yellow Sunshine Logo Jumper, €4 and Yellow Joggers €4

I genuinely need this in my size. What an absolute bargain too!

(I refuse to call them anything but tracksuit bottoms though. It's far from joggers we were reared.)


4 Polka Dot Sleepsuit and Hat Starter Kit, €14

I have my eye on this for my nephew. Sets like this make a great gift for new parents because, as much as they'll love the cool outfit you bought their kid, babies live in babygrows for the first few months so they'll really appreciate a cute one.

5 Dress (7-15 years), €11

Ok, I possibly won't buy this for my little boy but isn't it a beaut? If he decides he wants to wear dresses later, happy days. More cute things to shop for. If you have a little girl, you need this.

Of course, I've jinxed myself now and you'll all get to this stuff before me. If you see me coming, charging towards the kids' department with manic eyes, you better stand back.

Love you, Penneys. Don't ever leave us again.