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17th Dec 2017

Grieving daughter to sprinkle mum’s ASHES on Christmas dinner

'I don't want to just eat the ashes on my fingers'

Olivia Hayes

Say whaaat?

Yes, you read that headline right, but before you start to jump to conclusions, you should hear the story out.

We all grieve for loved ones in different ways, and according to LadBible, Debra’s Mum Doreen died suddenly from an airway obstruction after suffering a chest infection in May.

Debra has been eating her ashes on a daily basis since her passing.

She told The Mirror: “People might think I’m mad or that it’s not a very respectful thing to do but I just can’t stop myself.

“I see it as a positive thing – allowing her to be close to me and also involving her in the family day.

“It is the only thing that will get me through my first Christmas without mum.

“I feel like she can live on by being inside of me because if she is part of me she can breathe through my body. My breath is her breath.

“It will be my first Christmas without her and I want her to be involved and this is the only way that feels right to me.”

Debra wanted to do something special for her mum, and decided that eating her ashes were the right way to go.

“I decided I wanted to do something with her ashes that would make a ­difference to how we remembered her. I didn’t want to just scatter them because that would feel like throwing her away.”

Debra is going to mix her mum in with the Christmas dinner, because “I don’t want to just eat the ashes on my fingers.”

Images: Nicholas Bowman/Sunday Mirror