12 Truly unique Celtic baby names and their beautiful meanings 4 months ago

12 Truly unique Celtic baby names and their beautiful meanings

Celtic baby names are popular all over the world.

Of course, pronunciation of Irish names abroad has always been a bit of a sticking point. But the good news for our international friends is that while these Celtic baby names are unique, they're mostly quite simple too.

If you've always wanted to choose an Irish baby name, but you already know two Deirdres, an Aoife and a handful of Aislings, why not consider one of these?

They're beautiful and have really special meanings.

1 Afric

Meaning pleasant, Afric is a simple and pretty baby name you don't hear too often.

2 Anya

We love this one. It means splendor or radiance — how fab?

3 Brenna


Another simple name that's just different enough. It means raven haired, so ideal if you're a red head.

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4 Darby

This Celtic baby name, like many of the others here, works for both a boy or a girl and means 'free from envy'.

5 Eletha

Artistic types will love this ethereal sounding baby name that simply means craft.

6 Etain

Another beautiful Irish name you don't hear too often, Etain means shining.


7 Fae

A beautiful Irish spelling that simply means faith.

8 Honora

As you might have guessed, this baby name means honour.

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9 Aed

We adore this sweet, short baby name with a big meaning. Aed means fire — how cool?

10 Baird

Baird, of course, means poet.

11 Barra

A good, strong name that means white or fair haired.

12 Feilim

Feilim means 'ever good' — let's hope it refers to sleep patterns.


Did any of these unique Celtic baby names take your fancy?