Ask An Expert: How to Improve Your Life Using DIY Hypnotherapy 7 years ago

Ask An Expert: How to Improve Your Life Using DIY Hypnotherapy

Fiona Brennan is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of The Positive Habit - Six Pathways to Positivity Digital Self-Help Programme.

"I use hypnotherapy for myself every day. When I feel strong, calm and confident this allows me to reach out and help other people to feel the same. Every day I listen to one of my own hypnotherapy MP3s, relaxing and visualising whatever it is that I wish to focus on that day. For example if I have a presentation coming up I imagine the presentation going exactly the way I wish it to.

I practice conscious eating and mindfulness. I am a strong believer in that when we feel better we make healthy choices - weight loss is simply a perk of a positive mindset. When we feel good and look at the world with a positive lens we tend to make choices that match our moods.

To deal with negative thoughts, feelings, emotions or behaviour I start off from a place of acceptance and then move to self-compassion. Accepting negative thoughts tends to make them dissipate much faster than resisting them. I also practice CBT methods to challenge negative beliefs about myself that no longer serve me. The way to do this is by observing negative thoughts and standing up to them by questioning their truth. For example, a negative thought could be: "I am not good enough" I would show all the evidence to the contrary."

Fiona's six-week programme The Positive Habit – Six Pathways to Positivity guides the user to manage their response to any situation or person, to let go of anxiety and stress and to share positive energy. Find out more about it here