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27th Apr 2018

There’s a pretty informative 3D pregnancy pelvis for sale in Flying Tiger

Jade Hayden


Flying Tiger is like the Ali Express of real shops.

It’s cheap, it’s got weird stuff, you’ll go in for some paper clips and come out with a bonsai tree, a box of wine, and a holographic cover for an iPhone 7 even though you own a Samsung.

Basically, it’s weird and wonderful and we adore it with all of our hearts.

Flying Tiger has introduced the weird item to end all weird items lately though… and it’s actually pretty informative too, so fair play to them.

Because today in Flying Tiger you can buy yourself a genuine pregnancy pelvis.

It’s anatomically correct and everything.

Yeah, legitimately for sale in Tiger, like.

The pregnancy pelvis was brought to our attention by Melanie Morris who shared a photo of it on her Instagram Story.

So, in order to find out about more about this product, we rang up Flying Tiger ourselves to see what the craic was.

The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Hello, do you have the 3D anatomy model of a pregnancy pelvis in stock?

Them: Let me check. [brief pause] Yes we do.

Me: OK sound, and how much is the 3D anatomy model of a pregnancy pelvis?

Them: It’s €15.

Me: Amazing.

That was it really.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – why would anybody want to buy a 3D anatomy model of a pregnancy pelvis?

Well, don’t be so naive lads, people need 3D anatomy models of pregnancy pelvises all the time. 

Someone might be a teacher and need it to teach their students about the female body.

Somebody else might have a fascination with pelvises and want to learn a bit about more them via a 3D model.

Or, if you’re looking to engage your kids in a bit of sex ed any time soon, you now know exactly where to hit up.

Flying Tiger.