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10th Jun 2016

Actress Claire Sweeney Speaks Out About Incontinence Issues Since Giving Birth

Celebrity mum Claire Sweeney has spoken out about her experience of incontinence since the birth of her son Jaxon.

The former Brookside star, who welcomed her boy 18 months ago, opened up about the issue during an appearance on Loose Women this week.

She said: “People think about fat and wobbles, but what about when you pee yourself all the time? Every time I laugh, cough or sneeze… No one talks about it.”

The 45-year-old, who previously suffered two miscarriages and underwent IVF treatment, also revealed that she does have body hang-ups but she’s happier than ever.

“I don’t love my body now. I would love to be a stone lighter,” she explained. “But a few years ago, I had more money and I was a stone lighter, but I’m happier now. You’ve got to weigh it up.”

We love it when mums in the spotlight speak out about issues that women everywhere have been through or are going through.

According to WebMD, you should talk to your doctor should you continue to have bladder problems 6 weeks after delivery.

There are a number of treatments and things you can do to tackle the issue, including kegel exercises (click HERE for our guide to kegel exercises).


Top image via Twitter/Claire Sweeney