Covid-19 vaccine is safe for people during pregnancy 1 year ago

Covid-19 vaccine is safe for people during pregnancy

A new study has confirmed that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe during pregnancy.

Scientists analysed the side effects the mRNA vaccine has on people during pregnancy, but stressed that it is safe.

The study looked at the health of vaccinated pregnant women versus non-vaccinated pregnant women and vaccinated non-pregnant women.

They revealed that 7.3% of women had side effects within two weeks of getting the vaccine. The side effects included fatigue, headaches, and feeling generally unwell.

3.2% of unvaccinated pregnant women also suffered side effects, which has led the team to believe all symptoms were not linked to the vaccine.

The team stated, "In the early stages of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout there was low vaccine uptake among pregnant people due to concerns about data availability and vaccine safety.”

“There still is lower than average uptake among non-pregnant women of reproductive age.


The team said the study will inform women about potential side effects.

The team of researchers said their findings confirm that the vaccine is safe for women during pregnancy.

The news comes after the HSE called on pregnant women to come forward for their Covid-19 vaccine.

Pregnant women can get their free Covid-19 booster from today, August 15th.

The HSE said people should not leave too long between their vaccine doses.

The HSE's Colm Henry said the booster vaccine will protect people from further infection.

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