Did You Know That Having a Bigger Bum Is Beneficial to Your Baby? 6 years ago

Did You Know That Having a Bigger Bum Is Beneficial to Your Baby?

You might think that having a big bum isn’t a good thing but sciences says that it is, for both you and your baby.

A number of studies have shown that the size of a woman’s backside is linked to her brain development. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that this area of the body is also responsible for a baby’s brain development.

The Chicago Tribune previously reported that researchers showed in 2007 that women with bigger bottoms are smarter than those with flat ones due to the increased storage of Omega 3 fatty acids which improve brain functionality.


According to Science Times, the fat content in breast milk comes from the lower half of the mother's body (her thighs and bum). As a result the high amount of Omega 3 is passed to the child through feeding.


ZME Science recently reported on a study looking at this theory which found that the “quantity of fat on those areas of the body directly affect the baby’s chances of survival, as well as the child’s intelligence (though with a very small effect).”

The publication also quoted Professor Will Lassek of the University of Pittsburg, who said: “The fat in these areas is a depot for building a baby’s brain.”

“You need lots of fat to make a nervous system and the fats in these areas are also enriched in DHA, which is a particularly important component in the human brain.”

So there you have it, having a bigger butt is actually a sign of intelligence and smart kids. No wonder Sir Mix-A-Lot likes big ones...

Video via YouTube/Lukas Weber