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15th Dec 2019

Dying? Here are 5 easy peasy ways to recover the morning after a Christmas party

Trine Jensen-Burke

recover after a Christmas party

Oh, that morning after the night before…

And look, we know ’tis the season and all that, but all the festivities of December can quickly start to take their toll, especially if you got to get up as normal the next day, be it because you got to work, or simply because the kids are still too young to stick on Netflix and pour Cheerios all by themselves (just imagine how great life will be once you get to that stage, mamas!)

However, if this is you today (and look – we’ve all been here), and you really need to just get back on your feet as soon as possible, fear not, we got you.

If your head (and general wellbeing) is a little under the weather right now, try these:

1. Try a detox smoothie

When it comes to helping your body get over a hangover, hydration is key. And yes, water is great, but smoothies will, as well as water, give you lots of great nutrients too. This Post Party Pick-Me-Up Smoothie is chock-a-block with healthy goodies, takes just one minute to throw together and it’s also naturally sweet, so great for picking up your blood sugar which gets lower when you drink alcohol.

2 Take a cold shower

Cold water often shocks us to feel more awake, and is often great for relieving headaches brought on by too much alcohol and not enough sleep too. If you really want to take your shower game up a bit, try dry brushing before hitting the shower too – this will help detoxify your skin and will also make you feel more awake.

3. Go for a brisk walk

Never underestimate fresh air when it comes to feeling better after a late night. And the fact that the weather is cooler this time a year is really just a bonus. Wrap up, find a playlist with music that will invigorate you and just get going. You will feel a hundred times better once you get back home – promise.

4. Do some yoga

Exercise gets blood flowing and releases feel-good endorphins. To be fair, any excercise will work, so do whatever makes you feel happy. But yoga is especially good for stimulating the lymphatic system and detoxifying the body.

5. Make a ‘Sprite Spritzer’

Still feeling YUCK? Pour yourself a glass of Sprite and throw in an Alka-Seltzer: the antacid will put an end to your nausea — trust us.