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18th Nov 2015

Ever wondered why women started shaving their armpits?

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Whether you wax or laser or rely on the trusty razor, chances are you defuzz your underarms at least a few times a month. 

But did you ever wonder why we’re so determined to rid ourselves of something that’s essentially perfectly natural?

Apparently, it’s all down to a magazine article published in 1915.

In the early 20th century, women didn’t shave much of anything (which must have been amazing). According to a video made by Timeline News however, when a Harper’s Bazaar piece warned readers about the advent of sleeveless dresses and and modern dancing, smooth ‘pits became a necessity almost overnight.


Suddenly, magazines were filled with advertisements for armpit hair removal products and we’ve been obsessed ever since.

There have been rebellions down through the years (Julia Roberts’ famous red carpet moment is but one example) but for some reason, most have been met with disgust by men and women alike – it seems we’re so brainwashed by a little marketing on this issue there might be no going back.


Now, in the latest rage against the erasing of aspects of the female body, women are taking to Instagram to post photos of their grown-out armpit hair using the hashtags #pithairdontcare and #freeyourpits.

This is the pic I show people when they ask what Joey thinks about my #pithair #pithairdontcare #hairypitsclub

A photo posted by Jennifer McKnight Gewin (@jennifermcknightgewin) on

And dyed armpit hair has become a thing…

it was bound to happen #purplepits #pithairdontcare A photo posted by @meduusalammikko on

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Here’s the video in full…