Hungover? Here are eight ways to (hopefully!) feel human again 7 years ago

Hungover? Here are eight ways to (hopefully!) feel human again

There is no denying that as parents, our Friday and Saturday nights are more often than not spent at home, rather than hanging out at hip bars and happening restaurants. But every once in a while we actually managed to put our party best on and get out for some fun and frolicking.

The fun! The freedom! The long and fancy cocktail-list (which it always seems like a GREAT idea to try and get through – at the time). But then you wake up the next morning (painfully early probably, if yours kids are anything like my kids), and you think to yourself: WHAT was I thinking?!

Because those margaritas than seemed like the best idea in the world last night will seem a little less so at 7.04am the next morning when your 3-year-old is jumping up and down on your bed and shouting something about Cheerios or the park or needing to poop.

But all is not lost, mamas. We have all been here (oh, how we have!).

Water, water and more water. Before you go to sleep, the advice goes, drink lots of water. Like, lots. Bring a glass with you to the bedroom, and sip as much as you can before going to sleep.

Pop a pain killer. Some hardcore hangover experts claim that popping a little pain reliever along with your water before you hit the hay will help you wake up slightly less hungover. Aspirin is a good choice, but stick to just the one. Now drink some more water, hop into bed and hope for the best.

Hair of the dog. Possibly the most popular hangover cure there is (c'mon, it involves just keeping on drinking!), but many experience mixed results, and claim you can only postpone a hangover this way, not actually get rid of it. But if you genuinely are dieing, sure what have you got to loose?!


Big fry-up for breakfast. Greasy meals are the go-to food of the hungover. I mean; you never hear of anyone getting over a hangover by eating quinoa and kale now, do you? Doctors however seem to agree that the effect of food in relation to hangovers work better if you eat as a preventative measure, as in this will help absorb the alcohol you consume. The next day, they say, it is too late. But seriously; how good does a fry-up sound right about now?!

Go for a run. This might so not be the thing you want to do when you are so hungover you can't even see how you are going to make it until dinner time without dieing a death. But experts promise that if you can actually manage to get yourself out the door – even for a brisk walk – you will get over that hangover far more quicker than if you just stay shaking under a blanket on the couch. The theory here is that since exercise boosts endorphins, a good workout can make your mood a little better. Make sure to drink plenty of water, though, so you don't dehydrate yourself all over again.

Take a multivitamin tablet. Drinking depletes nutrients in the body, including vitamin B12 and folate. Try popping in a multivitamin to replenish what your lost knocking back those cocktails.

Load up on potassium. When dehydrated, we lose not only water but electrolytes too. A good way of gaining these back is by snacking on foods that are rich in potassium, like spinach or bananas. Coconut water is also a good choice, as it too contains electrolytes.

Sip some ginger tea. Hangovers sometimes come with a side of upset stomach, so try a warm mug of ginger tea to settle things down. Ginger has been shown to help combat nausea, and many drink it when pregnant to get over the feeling of morning sickness. Worth a shot, I'd say!

What are YOUR best tips for surviving a hangover (apart from staying off the booze, that is!)? Please share them with us and join in the conversation on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie