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12th Sep 2015

3 reasons it is time for a Digital Detox!


The processes of a work life balance are always in the headlines. We are all at loggerheads with how much time is enough time, to be spending online.

Each one of us (at certain times) can slightly tip the scales in the negative sense. Don’t tell a lie, you brats.

Apparently the digital domain has the potential to damage relationships. You risk loosing features of yourself that once made you so attractive to others… like your personality for example? #harsh

Here are three reasons to ditch the phone every so often:


We are not saying your romantic future is in jeopardy or your friends will leave you for more fertile ‘fun’ pastures but, you may need to get your priorities right.

If you find this little obsession with your phone issue is a real ‘issue’ on date night then just set a time cap. There is nothing worse than becoming an extension of your digital device so much so that you miss real life. The amount of time an individual can spend consumed by their phones can have a detrimental affect on their social skills. So… our advice, abort. Do not open Instagram and do not take fifteen images of your starter. Ok, cool.

2. US vs. THEM

The debate around the subject has taken three topics to the fore. Anxiety, relationships and the ‘us versus them’ theory has been developed by the constant distractions related to mobile phone use, according to Social Psychology. It has adversely reduced our attention span which means less and less time for important things including vital ‘me-time’ and the onset of ‘first dates’ and ‘girly lunches’. You begin to rely on your inanimate mobile device for company. Sounds tragic but, it can be a reality for most.


Talking and texting, texting while driving and tuning out of conversations for the desire to monitor what is usually not happening on social media is a social etiquette faux pas. Learn this one rule and you are winning. When it comes to date-night especially… switch off.

Adapting to new situations and simply being bored seems to be a thing of the past. There is obviously an app for that right? Yet, when you really think about it enjoying someone else’s company is not required to be fast paced or allow you to use a filter.

Be in the moment and you will detox naturally.

If you can offer advice on how to put the phone down (Maybe Eire Mummy?) or enlighten us with the boundaries you have set, mail: [email protected]

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