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07th Jun 2018

The sleep trainer that ensures kids don’t lose out on snooze time

Louise Carroll

It’s never easy keeping those tots in bed – and boy do those growing bodies need it.

Growing kids need oodles of sleep! It’s vital for every function in the body and brain yet many kids lose out on a decent snooze, and so do mum and dad.


A team in San Francisco set up a Kickstarter (funding) page and already they’re well over their initial ask of $20,000, as this sleep trainer seems to have it all!

The sleep trainer/alarm clock, known as MELLA, for parents who “miss sleeping in,” teaches kids when to rise and shine, or hit the hay.

To help kids get to sleep, there are soothing sound options such as rain, ocean (oooh, we like those), and white noise. There are also five colour options making for a soft glow that surrounds the clock. These include soft amber, lavender, baby blue, green and turquoise.

How peaceful – and, the alarms are not the kind to dazzle or alarm a child that’s just waking up – these too are calm and tranquil.

It also has what’s called the ‘play period’. If your little one wakes up before you’d like them to, MELLA will turn a relaxed yellow, sporting a super chilled out smiley face.

This expression is intended to let kids know they’ve done an excellent job so far, staying in bed, and they’re just minutes away from the light turning green which is when they know they can rise and start their new day! This is where they’ll see a VERY happy face with a green glow.

Parents can also set timers and countdowns for little naps during the day too, which can be a great help too.

The makers say kids don’t fully comprehend the concept of time until around 8-years-old. So the adorable little alarm clock uses facial expressions (something they do understand) and colours to show them it’s time to chill and sleep.

Right now, MELLA is available in arctic blue, blush pink and Kickstarter green. And yes, they do indeed ship across the globe and a MELLA sleep trainer is priced at $39.