Do your kids interrupt your sleep? You're not alone 9 months ago

Do your kids interrupt your sleep? You're not alone

Struggle to get through the night without waking to find a small person at the foot of your bed?

"I can't sleep!" they wail.

"Neither can I," you grumble as they climb in next to you.

Getting kids to sleep in their own beds and not yours is something many parents struggle with, if a new survey is anything to by.

One in four Irish people say their children wake them up at night, according to furniture store Caseys.

The company's sleep survey found that, hard as it may be to believe, kids are not actually the biggest disrupter of sleep.


Almost half of us say going to bed too late is an issue, while many of us find it hard to get off social media before bed.

According to Caseys, the smartphone is one of the top things that interrupts Irish people's sleep, with 80 per cent of us blaming it for keeping us awake.

The survey of 2,300 people also threw up some other statistics about Irish sleep habits.

Almost one in ten of us (9 per cent) sleep with a pet, while half of us read a book before nodding off.

Interestingly, it looks like we Irish aren't the best sleepers. Just five per cent of us rate our sleep quality as excellent, while a third of respondents to the survey claimed to suffer with insomnia.