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01st Nov 2021

Our kids are making us burn 50,884 calories a month and I’d well believe it

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May as well ditch the diet.

I don’t think there is a parent among us that doesn’t feel run off their feet most days.

We joke about never getting to finish a cup of tea while it’s still hot but it’s true.

I’ve often compared running around after my toddler as a full body work out and according to recent research, I wasn’t far off.


A new study coordinated by Wren Kitchens revealed that being a parent will cause you to burn a whopping 50,884 calories a month.

Calorie burning tasks include ironing, setting the table, and carrying small children to name just a few – and it all adds up to the equivalent of over 40,000 burpees!

Who needs keto when you have kids?

five words or less

The study of 1,000 respondents revealed that on the average day your little bundle of joy will help you burn 1,478 calories which equates to doing 1,179 burpees.

What do they say about everything having a silver lining?

As well as the daily activities there is the joy of participating in parental tasks that take place once a week, however, fear not, another 2,374 extra calories are burnt which equates to doing 2,029 burpees on a weekly basis!

When my son was little I used to take part in pram exercise classes so there are definitely some trainers that are on to this and helping parents make the most of it.

So if you’re feeling guilty about not making it to the gym, don’t.

Just stick on some music while you zoom around the house for your own personally designed work out regime.