Did You Know That THIS Can Affect Your Period? 5 years ago

Did You Know That THIS Can Affect Your Period?

Your period can be affected by a number of things including stress and diet, but did you know that your holiday can also impact on your menstrual cycle?

According to Marie Claire, jet lag can be responsible for throwing your time of the month out of whack.

We suppose it makes sense when you consider that you tend to be stressed when travelling long distances, your diet is all over the place and sleeping patterns don’t really exist.

The publication explains that being exposed to light at unusual times (caused by the different time zones) affects your circadium rythms, bringing on hormonal changes.



So if you’ve ever found that a long-distance trip has made you a few days late, it’s perfectly normal and the temporary change isn’t anything to worry about.

Then again, if it's a romantic trip away and your period is out by more than a couple of days, it might be a good idea to pick up a pregnancy test!