It's the little things: 10 small – but effective – ways to make ANY day better 2 years ago

It's the little things: 10 small – but effective – ways to make ANY day better

"Not every day is good, but there is something good in every day."

My yoga teacher recently reminded me of this in a class recently, and having just had a really, really rough week, I found the words somewhat a comfort.

And the thing is,  when you think about it – it really is true. We just all need to be better, I think, at looking for the small, lovely moments.

Woke up with the Sunday blues and can't seem to shake that bleh feeling?

Here are 10 tiny, easy ways to turn things around and make today (and tomorrow) a really, really good day:

1. Get active

One of the absolute easiest ways to boost your mood is to get your blood flowing. Go for a run, take a walk in the park, hit up your nearest yoga studio for a class, it doesn't really matter, the point is that being active will release those feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream, making you feel happier and less stressed and anxious.

2. Do something nice for someone

There is a lot to be said for making someone else smile – and how that will ultimately make you feel better too. Just try it and you'll see. Buy a friend some flowers. Drop into your mum's for a chat (or pick-up the phone), buy a coffee for the person waiting behind you in the line at the coffee shop – it doesn't really matter, the thing about random acts of kindness is that they tend to multiply and make everyone feel better.


3. Make room for slow

We are living inceasingly hectic lives, and it's not actually doing our mental or physical health any favours. So if you are feeling a bit off, or down,  allow yourself to have a slow day. It might do you the world of good. And remember – don’t take on more than you can handle – it’s okay to say no sometimes.


4. Play some tunes

Few things can snap you out of a bad mood quite as effectively as playing some happy music.

5. Drink water

Being dehydrated can leave you feeling lethergic and just a bit off, so combat this by making sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. This becomes even more important to remember if you happened to have a few drinks the previous night.

6. Buy yourself some flowers


Having fresh flowers around the house has been proven to boost your mood, so just pick up a nice bouquet if you hit the farmer's market or your local supermarket today.

7. Sit with a positive thought

Call it meditation, or just call in trying to find something positive, and focus on that for a few moments.

Remember, cheesy as it sounds, one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.


8. Tidy up

Our environment impacts our mood, and mess and chaos creates a feeling of not being in control and can often bring on feelings of anxiety. Take a few moments to tidy up today, put things pack where they belong, clean up your kitchen, hang up clohtes, and you'll notice you feel better in an instant.

9. Plan something fun

Text a friend, or your mum or sister and set up something for tomorrow – be it a quick coffee, a work-out class or trying out a new restaurant that has opened in town, having something fun to look forward to has a way of perking us up.

10. Go to bed early

Getting enough quality sleep is vital for feeling well the next day. Few of us sleep enough these days, and between demanding lives and Netflix binges, we are not getting enough shuteye to function or feel well. So take charge now – and make sure you have an early night tonight. You will thank yourself for it tomorrow.