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06th Feb 2017

Having Mad Pregnancy Dreams? Don’t Worry It’s Totally Normal And Here’s What It Means

Alison Bough

Have you ever had a pregnancy dream? Or maybe a baby appeared somewhere in your dreams last night.

Either way, I’ve done a bit of research online to find out what these types of dreams mean – whether you are expecting or not.

Of course, there is absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever behind these interpretations but we will choose to ignore that in the interest of hokerypokery:


Babies in dreams tend to signify a new beginning such as a new job or a new house (or possibly a new baby). If you forget a baby in your dream, it apparently suggests that you are eager to hide a weakness or are neglecting something. A crying baby can mean dissatisfaction while a walking baby suggests that you want to take baby steps in relation to something in real life.

Giving birth

Having a baby also signifies a new beginning, such as a new idea or project. If you are pregnant in real life, this dream can relate to any anxieties you have about welcoming your little bundle of joy. It can also symbolise a fear of new responsibilities for those who are not expecting.


If you are pregnant in a dream, more often than not it seems to reflect a development in your personal life. If someone else is pregnant in your dream, it indicates your close relationship with this person. To dream that your other half is having a child with someone suggests that you are moving in different directions.

Pregnancy test

As well as channeling a fear of being pregnant, pregnancy tests (like babies) in dreams can stand for a new phase of your life (are you starting to notice a theme here or is it just me?). It can also reflect a preoccupation as to whether you are ready for such changes based around the idea of “being put to the test.”

Baby accessories

If a baby bottle pops up in your dream, it can highlight emotional immaturity or a reliance on others. A buggy or pram could relate to your desire for a baby – if it’s empty, this signifies a sadness or a goal that you have yet to achieve. A dodie or soother apparently points towards a need for support and comfort.


Breastfeeding in a dream stands for love and tenderness. It is believed to signify good things. However, another interpretation is that it indicates you should be careful when it comes to who you confide in. Bottle-feeding apparently suggests that you are too reliant on others.

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