Men are happier (and live longer) when married to curvy women 1 year ago

Men are happier (and live longer) when married to curvy women

Desperately trying to motivate yourself to get started on that bikini diet, mamas?

Just relax – we have some wonderful news for you voluptuous ladies.

According to a new study by the department of psychology at UNAM, men who were married to (or in a relationship with) curvy women were TEN times happier than those who were with skinny women.

That's right.

It was Argentinian newspaper Nuevo Diario who first reported on the findings from the research conducted by Dr Filemón Alvarado and Dr Edgardo Morales at UNAM’s department of psychology.


In fact, according to the study, men smile more when they are with chunkier partners and were more likely to solve problems easier.

Why? Well, according to Alvarado and Morales, who alongside their team conducted the study, a higher BMI brings a better ability to be able to 'anticipate and satisfy' a man's needs.

So there you go, ladies. No need to feel particularly bad about not having a thigh gap or washboard abs this summer. You are just helping your husband live longer!