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14th Jul 2019

Mindy Kaling has an important reminder about ‘bikini bodies’ for all of us

Trine Jensen-Burke

Mindy Kaling

Bikini season is upon us, and if you are feeling a little less than excited about putting yours on and hitting the beach this summer, you need to see this.

Actress Mindy Kaling, who is mum to 1,5 year-old Katherine, recently took to Instagram to share an important message about bikini bodies – and we are here for it.

Kaling, who turned 40 earlier this summer, shared this body positive message with her 4,3 million social media followers:

“[I don’t know] who needs to hear this but… WEAR A BIKINI IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A BIKINI. You don’t have to be a size 0,” the actress wrote in an Instagram post last weekend alongside photos of her rocking some bright high-waisted bikinis.

The mum-of-one explained in an accompanying video (just swipe right!) that she first started wearing bikinis during her college years when she would visit her best friend in Hawaii.

“What I was struck about Hawaii is that everyone wears bikinis. It does not matter what your body type is ― you rock a bikini because you’re in Hawaii,” Kaling said. “And there’s so much body positivity there that I ― who was always shy about my body ― would wear bikinis.”