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10th Jul 2018

New mum Aoibhin Garrihy shares coldsore advice for pregnant mamas

'Make sure to avoid kisses however difficult.'

Anna O'Rourke

It’s hard to stop yourself kissing your newborn once they arrive and ye begin to bond but a simple coldsore could prove to be very dangerous.

New mum Aoibhin Garrihy has shared her words of advice on preventing the spread of the virus after revealing that she was suffering with coldsores.

She and husband John welcomed their first child, daughter Hanora, almost two weeks ago.

“My face has seen better days,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

“The coldsore is compliments of the sleep deprivation so if you’re prone to them and a mum-to-be dose up on Lysine! I forgot.

“Good idea to cover as much as possible before the baby arrives and also make sure to avoid kisses however difficult,” she continued.

“Dad is making up for the lack of them my end.”

She also shared a list of Lysine-rich foods that mums-to-be can dose up on before giving birth, including lentils, black beans, quinoa and soy milk.

Lysine is an amino acid that helps to prevent coldsores.

It’s also thought to improve bone health and could help combat wrinkles and hair loss.

Coldsores are relatively harmless for adults but can be extremely dangerous for babies due to the herpes virus.

It’s always best to avoid baby if you have a coldsore and though it might be awkward, it’s worth mentioning it to visitors too.