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20th Apr 2015

New mums post belly pics to show how AMAZING the female body is


Sive O'Brien

New mums have been taking back postpartum with honest (Photoshop free) pics that show how AMAZING the female body is.

The inspiring photos are being posted on an Instagram account called TakeBackPostPartum, which was created by a mum who was fed up with the negativity that surrounds postpartum bodies. Shortly before the birth of her sixth child earlier this year, January Harshe discovered that the hashtag #postpartum on Instagram was FULL of gimmicks and spam, and “the opposite of self love”.

Writing on her blog, she says,  “Anytime mothers hashtag their beautiful photos of themselves, their babies, their motherhood lives, even their pregnancies, births, healthy food and exercise pics… they are harassed. People comment or message them telling them if they want to actually look good then they can ‘help’ with their product.”

She continues, “We do not need to be told we are not good enough. We do not need chemical laden lotions, potions, or saran wrap. What we need is love, grace, friendship, and support.”

Using the hashtag #takebackpostpartum, the mums are part of a growing movement that is speaking up against negative postpartum body image.

January says, “LET’S TAKE BACK POSTPARTUM. We are mothers and strong women. Our collective voice is so powerful that we can shake the entire world.”

Feeling inspired? Don’t forget to post your pic.