"Is this normal?" Mum shares image of her baby's purple feet and TikTok-ers help 1 year ago

"Is this normal?" Mum shares image of her baby's purple feet and TikTok-ers help

Did this happen with your baby?

Being a new parent is overwhelming. There are just so many questions and worries and concerns – which, you know, is perfectly normal, as we are all just muddling through, learning this parenting business little by little.

Having someone to reach out to for help is great – whether that is your mum, your fellow mum friends – or even your digital community on social media.

When new mum Paige Craig was worried recently about the strange colour of her baby's feet – she decided to share her concerns on TikTok, and it did not take long before other parents – and even medical professionals – offered plenty of advice.

“So, see the colour of my child’s face and hands? And look at his feet,” Craig said in her TikTok video.

“This is no filter. So, what’s happening?”

@paigenotcraig Does anyone know if this is normal?!??!?! ? #5months #babyboy ♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music

The mum-of-three further explained in the video's comments that her little boy's feet aren’t always this colour, and that he wasn't cold and his circulation wasn’t being ‘cut off’.


“That’s usually a sign of poor circulation or a heart issue going on. Could be nothing! I would call his paediatrician just to put your mind at ease,” one person commented.

Another one said:

“Look up primary acrocyanosis! I’m a NICU nurse and we see this a lot in newborns but can hang around for months. doesn’t hurt to call a paediatrician!” explained Ali Schmidt.

Taking her followers' advice and seeking help from her son's paediatrician, Craig has since posted a follow-up video, updating everyone on her son's health – and purple tootsies.

@paigenotcraig Purple feet conclusion. Thank you guys for the help and for those I blocked for telling me how dumb I am to ask on TikTok, I was right and he is ok :) #infantmom #newbornmom ♬ original sound - Paige Craig

“You guys thought was maybe a heart condition," Craig says.

"So the first thing she did was grab the pulse off my son’s wrist and then on his foot and they were the exact same strength. And she said if it was a heart condition or something wrong with the heart that those two strengths will be very different.”

She then revealed that her little boy's official diagnosis was acrocyanosis, which, according to US website Healthline is a condition that causes the small blood vessels in your skin to constrict and turn your feet and hands a blue colour.

The colour comes from the decrease in blood flowing and oxygen moving through the narrowed vessels to your limbs.

“Basically his feet can turn purple or blue but it should go away but six months. She said it’s nothing to worry about and super common,” explains Craig.