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03rd Jan 2023

“Absolutely outrageous”: Parking at new children’s hospital to cost €10 a day

Kat O'Connor

Parents have slated the fees.

Parents are expected to pay €10 a day to park at the new National Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

According to reports, the daily car-parking charge the daily charge will set parents back €10 a day.

The Independent confirmed that the HSE is discussing car-parking charges with the Department of Health ahead of the hospital’s opening.

Car park fees will be graded based on how long people park at the new hospital.

However, the average daily fee will be €10.

There will be a total of 1,000 spaces available at the new hospital, but only 675 will be available for parents and guardians.

The hospital will also have 27 ‘drop-off spaces’ for emergency cases.

The fees have been slated by families, with many agreeing that no family should have to worry about car parking costs when their child is in hospital.

There have been calls to introduce free car parking because of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

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One parent said, “This country would sicken your stomach. It’s just pure greed through and through! God help those parents with extremely ill kids and needing 70e a week to park to visit them absolutely shameful!”

Another added, “All hospital car parks should be free.”

One also wrote, “Absolutely outrageous. As if parents haven’t enough to worry about when their children are in hospital. Who comes up with these crazy ideas and families on their knees with the cost of living?”

The new National Children’s Hospital is expected to open to the public in 2025.

It has cost over €1 billion to build the hospital.

Construction is expected to end by January 2024 after the project experienced multiple delays.

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