Research finds 64% of mums in Ireland miss work due to childhood illnesses 2 weeks ago

Research finds 64% of mums in Ireland miss work due to childhood illnesses

Is your child always bringing home ailments from school?

The kids are- finally- back to school, the darker evenings are on the way and dare I say so is flu season!

New research has found that most school and work absenteeism is as a result of everyday illnesses such as coughs and colds.

It also found that mums in particular are heavily affected with more than half of them reported that they have missed work due to ailments their child has brought home from school.

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During the study it was discovered that over half of all parents (53 per cent) have had to take time off work to deal with a sick child home from school.

In most cases (64 per cent) mums take the time off, grandparents also help out in some cases (28 per cent), while dads are least likely to take time off to look after their sick children (26 per cent)

Nearly half of all kids (43 per cent) miss four or more days of school due to coughs, colds and bugs every year.


Over the course of two clinical trials conducted by Pro-Ven in 2014 and 2019,  it was found that the level of absenteeism was considerably reduced (16 per cent) in a group of children who were taking probiotics verses a group who were taking a placebo tablet.

It also found that the necessity for antibiotic medicine to treat illnesses in these children was also cut (27 per cent).

I think most parents will feel that the information in this survey is all too relatable.

It's only September and already my kids have managed to bring home stomach bugs and head colds that they've picked up in school and at playgroups.

I think we'll all be reaching for a few vitamins and probiotics over the next few months to stave off the influx of colds and flus that are sure to be incoming.