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12th Apr 2020

It seems many of us learned an entirely new thing about our partners during this lockdown

Trine Jensen-Burke

relationships and lockdown

These are strange days, and it’s almost needless to say we are all learning lots about ourselves during this worldwide lockdown.

I mean; I thought I was a bit of a homebody, and, you know, I still would consider myself one, but darn; I do miss going out for brunch and yoga classes and meeting my friends for a glass of wine here and there.

I have also discovered that I actually do love going into my office – at least occasionally, because there is a lot to be said for having the chats with co-workers and having adult conversations during the day with people who you are not related to.

Another thing, it seems, many of us are only discovering now, is what are partners or spouses actually do for a living.

No, really.

According to some new research by Virgin Media it was discovered that a whopping half of people in the UK had no idea what their other halves did during their working days – until now.

In fact, out of the 1,500 people surveyed, the extent many understood of their partner’s jobs were statements like ‘they work in an office’ and ‘they have lots of meetings’.

However, the number of people feeling more clued up about what their partner does for a living has now dropped by half, thanks to our close working quarters.

Did this happen in your house?

According to the UK study,  as many as 32 percent of people would even now describe what their partner do as ‘interesting’.

‘With so many more couples now working from home, it’s funny how many people knew so little about what their other half did for a living – until now.

‘Suddenly we’re spending working hours and downtime in the same space and it’s sure to be a learning curve for everyone – whether about the job roles themselves or their partner’s personality,’ A Virgin Media spokesperson told Yahoo Style UK.

I guess the upside is that we’ll never again wonder why our hubbies aren’t texting us back during the day, as we now know their working schedule is actually pretty full.