Stephanie Roche on puberty and periods – she's the coolest new role model for teens 8 years ago

Stephanie Roche on puberty and periods – she's the coolest new role model for teens

We are big fans of football superstar Stephanie Roche here at – her determination and talent as well as her gorgeous nature makes her a brilliant role model in this cool new YouTube campaign aimed at teenage girls.

The 'Lilets Let's Talk' campaign launched to help pre-teens and teens through the most important transitional and confusing time in their lives – puberty and periods. The campaign aims to make sure girls feel they can get the right answers to their questions, and with such a great role model like Stephanie, it should make this stage in a girl's life a little less overwhelming. After all, every young woman should be able to ask questions and speak up in confidence if they need to.

Stephanie wants to lift the taboo around talking about puberty and periods.

"Young girls need to know that they're not the only ones going through this as it is a hard time in every woman's life."

She believes it's beneficial for young women in Ireland to get the right information, whether that's from an older sister or friend, as well as online.

"I was very lucky to have an older sister who was going through everything a couple of years ahead of me. This educated me; I was able to speak to her and for anything I didn't want to ask about I went to books that she had been given! Campaigns like 'Becoming a teen' it gives them somewhere they can go in confidence and get the answers they need.


Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a big sis or feels comfortable enough to chat about these things with pals, so by creating an online hub and video with friendly advice from such a cool role model, it will hopefully make the daunting experience of becoming a teen a little less awkward.

Stephanie's message for young women is 'to talk about it, be confident in yourself and don't let your body changes affect your life. Every girl goes through it even though you may feel your the only one.'