Survey Reveals The Main Causes of Day-to-Day Stress 6 years ago

Survey Reveals The Main Causes of Day-to-Day Stress

A recent survey has revealed that the biggest cause of daily stress is traffic jams.

The Irish Mirror reports that a study, conducted by Jurys Inn, found that being stuck in traffic was the top cause of day-to-day stress with 42 per cent of Irish people citing it.

Work pressures came in second with 27 per cent, followed by relationship drama at 22 per cent in third position.

Apparently, those aged 18-24 are most stressed and females came out as being more stressed than men. In fact, almost half of women (41 per cent) said they were “stressed to the max”.



The survey also found that workers claimed that a break or holiday is a good way of easing the pressure and relaxing.

Speaking about the findings, Group Marketing Manager at Jurys Inn, Suzanne Cannon, said: “Life is full of stressful situations that test us but, as the research suggests, even a short break can make a big difference in helping to unwind.”

While we do agree with this, the thought of trying to get the whole family organised and packed makes our blood pressure rise a little!

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