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04th Jun 2021

Study says that giving your child a strict bedtime has a whole host of benefits

Melissa Carton

Very interesting.

Once summer rolls around I have to admit I do get a little lax around bedtimes.

Sure they’re not in school in the morning, what’s the harm.

Well, according to research the harm is actually in the mental health of their parents.


A study conducted by Growing Up Australia found that found parents who hold firm on earlier bedtimes have less stress and anxiety than those who allow their children to have sporadic bedtime routines.

3,600 children took part in the study which tracked their progression over the course of nine years.

During the study, parents would fill in questionnaires and it was through these that researchers got their answers.

The conclusion of the study was that kids with early bedtimes had parents who reported being happier and having better mental health.


I can definitely relate to this! Only last night, I allowed my two-year-old to stay up an hour after her bedtime and I am feeling it this morning.

Even though I had eight hours of sleep, it feels like I got closer to two because it was so much more of a struggle convincing her to go to bed compared to other nights.

So there you have it. Science says you need to send your kids to bed on time every night, no exception.

Not only will you get some peace and quiet after a long day of running around after them but you’ll also get a boost to your mental health and happiness too.