This Young Artist Wants You To Feel Good About Your Body 6 years ago

This Young Artist Wants You To Feel Good About Your Body

Whether it's the latest 'muffin top' eliminator or brand new (impossibly restrictive) fad diet, women are bombarded by troubling messages about our bodies on an hourly basis. 

No sooner have we 'beaten the bloat' than we are expected to set out on a mission to achieve 'Jennifer Aniston arms' or 'Pilates posture'.

It's exhausting.

That's why we were thrilled to discover the work of 23-year-old illustrator Frances Cannon, who creates beautiful, whimsical prints celebrating womens' bodies in all their shapely glory.

Frances found herself growing tired of the negative chatter and made it her mission to remind women everywhere that our bodies, and all their varied functions, are perfectly normal and we should love ourselves no matter what.

Here are five of our favourite pieces celebrating different aspects of womanhood.


1. Acceptance



2. Positive body image


3. Self-respect


4. Beauty


5. Relationships


Frances Cannon's beautiful prints are available from her website.