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27th Mar 2019

Me-time: New study finds squeezing it in is essential for our happiness

How often do YOU find time for this?

One of the first things to just literally vanish once you become a mum is the concept of me-time.

It’s very sudden thing. One minute you are the sun in your own solar system, you are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want it (nap, hit the shops, go to London for the weekend, what-flipping-ever), and the next you are peeing in front of an audience and learning how to apply mascara while also bouncing a baby on your hip.

Me-time becomes a distance memory from your previous life, really.

The thing is, there are all sorts of reasons you need to claw back some time that is dedicated just for yourselves, mamas.

According to Happify, Studies at the University of Michigan found that a lack of privacy or “me” time has a greater impact on the happiness of a marriage than a less-than-satisfying sex life. Well, jeepers.

Not only does quality private time improve your relationship, it also leads to a better work-life balance, greater wellbeing, and increased engagement at work. Oh, and it will most definitively make you a better and happier mum too.

So, dear mamas, set your alarm clock early for some morning time just for yourself, or block out that Friday evening and take yourself to the cinema, or how about scheduling a weekend away somewhere really fabulous, just for yourself?

Have YOU figured out how to squeeze “me” time into your schedule? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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