Toddler With Puberty Condition Begins Developing Breasts 6 years ago

Toddler With Puberty Condition Begins Developing Breasts

Little Neveah Denton is a beautiful little girl who LOVES school and enjoys making new friends.

But just a few years ago her mother noticed some unusual physical changes.

Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain today, Charlene Denton said she noticed her daughter was developing little breast buds. Concerned she brought her to her GP who, after a series of tests, diagnosed her with Precocious Puberty, a condition which affects 1 in 5,000 children in the UK.

Speaking on the show, Dr Hilary Jones said it is not caused by environmental factors;

"This particular situation is not caused by anything in the environment. This is a well documented and rare condition."

He went on to say:

"The environment has raised interest in why normal puberty is becoming earlier. Puberty over the last few decades has become slightly earlier in both boys and girls. There is speculation that its things in the environment like parabens in the food chain, oestrogens in the water. There in no strong evidence that these things are the cause. Obesity is probably the major drive towards earlier puberty, because the more fat cells in the body, the more oestrogen storage there is."


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However, in this case, Precocious Puberty is a condition which left untreated would mean Neveah could develop a menstrual cycle at a very young age.

Currently, she is receiving hormone suppressant injections and although she does still have some mood swings, her mum says she is busy making new friends and enjoying her time at school.

Watch the full interview on ITV here

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