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14th May 2015

Top tips for …. getting more energy in the morning

Rise and shine people!


From packing lunches and brushing teeth, to coaxing little ones to eat their breakfast and getting everyone out the door on time, there is so much to be done every morning. But how often have you found yourself feeling exhausted shortly after you’ve dragged yourself out of bed (or the minute your little one peels open your eyes)? 

If you’re finding yourself trudging bleary-eyed through one of the busiest times of the day, NOW might be the time to make some simple adjustments to your morning routine.

Try these simple tips for kicking off your day with more energy:

1. Let the light in


Your first act in the morning should be to draw open those curtains or shutters, roll up those shades and let the sunlight stream into your bedroom. Light is a key factor in optimising the body’s waking-up process. During the darker winter months, make sure you switch on the main light in your room.

2. Jus say NO to the snooze button

Too early

It’s so tempting to delay the start of the day when your alarm goes off in the morning. But, falling back to sleep can potentially interrupt your hormone cycle, which can make it harder to get moving. Keep your alarm clock across the bedroom so you don’t have the option to simply reach over and silence it!

3. Ease yourself into the day

sunrise coffee woman

Getting up 15 minutes before the rest of the house so you can shower, get dressed and enjoy your favourite coffee in the peace and quiet will make all the difference. This precious time to yourself allows you to get your thoughts and priorities for the day ahead in order. If you roll out of bed and straight into the frenetic pace of getting everyone else ready, packing lunches, coaxing your little ones to eat their breakfasts, you’ll find that you’re exhausted by 10am. 

4. Eat a good breakfast

Ingredients for a healthy and nutritious breakfast

Remember that your body has essentially been in a starvation state all night, so it’s important to fuel up to keep yourself feeling energised. A small and easy-to-digest meal will give you the boost of energy you need. A bowl of cereal, a couple of pieces of fruit or a yoghurt will do the trick. For even better digestion, go for something dairy-free – rice, oat or almond milk in your cereal could make all the difference.

5. Stick to a routine that works

Woman and two kids in kitchen eating breakfast

Find a morning rhythm that works for you. Keeping a regular sleep schedule will help achieve this. You’ll begin to naturally fall asleep and wake up at the same time each day, and you’ll start to wake up more naturally with more energy.

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