Turns Out, We're All Using Deodorant Wrong 6 years ago

Turns Out, We're All Using Deodorant Wrong

If you tend to spray on your deodorant just before you get dressed each morning, science suggests you might benefit from changing up your routine. 

Turns out, using your antiperspirant at night makes it much more effective.

According to a study of women aged between 18 and 65 published in The Dermatologist, those who spritzed in the PM schvitzed a lot less in the AM - and for up to 10 days.

It works because at night you sweat less, meaning your antiperspirant has more time to settle in your pores as you sleep. By the next morning, when the stresses of the day kick in, it's primed and ready to work it's sweat-busting magic.

If you can't do without your morning deo fix, at least wait a little while after your shower to apply it, any moisture in the skin will make it a lot less effective.