Almost three million people watched Joe Wicks' first online PE class 2 years ago

Almost three million people watched Joe Wicks' first online PE class

He's a popular guy, in fairness to him.

Since the coronavirus outbreak truly kicked off, a lot of people have been doing their utmost to ensure that the public stays active during these uncertain times.

Yoga teachers have been doing yoga. Personal trainers have been personal training.

And Joe Wicks has been doing what Joe Wicks does best: creating engaging content that millions of people are going to watch.

In this case, it's close to three million people in just one day - which is hardly surprising considering The Body Coach has provided everybody with a fun, novel, don't-need-to-leave-the-house way of keeping fit during the Covid-19 outbreak.

He started his PE With Joe classes yesterday (Monday, March 23) in a bid to keep kids (and let's be honest, adults) fit and healthy amid the pandemic.

And keep them fit it did, as at the time of writing, a solid 2.9 million folks have tuned into Wicks' first class.


The half an hour long class involved The Body Coach doing a few lunges in his living room, throwing in a few jumping jacks, and finishing up with a series of stretches.

Some man.

Joe will be doing his PE classes weekdays at 9am for as long as we are all practising social distancing, self isolation and, in the UK's case, total lockdown.

Today, the fitness guru has already got a solid one million people currently watching live.

Onto something there, in fairness to him.

You can check out Joe Wicks' latest PE class here: