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03rd Apr 2017

Could THIS be the ultimate trick for getting your baby to sleep?

Trine Jensen-Burke

We see your bloodshot eyes and heavy reliance on double shot lattes, mamas, and boy do we feel you.

Having a non-sleeper is all sorts of hard, but behold, a Reddit user might hold the answer to all your sleep-deprived prayers. The best part? It involves no expensive purchases, no gadgets, no witchcraft.

According to NoItsReallyTrue she gets her tot to sleep by simply pretending she is asleep herself. Simples.

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Many readers responded to the post, many having experienced the same thing themselves.

‘Babies and young children mimic the breathing patterns of adults nearby them, hence why having a baby sleep in the same room as the parents is considered a factor in preventing SIDS. I get my baby to nap by lying beside her in bed and taking long slow deep breaths – she relaxes and soon falls asleep. It’s a great trick that should be included in a manual for every parent.’ MayaTheBeeotch

Others claim they do this – do it so well, in fact, that they end up actually falling asleep themselves (I am SO guilty of this one), and waking hours later, only to find they can’t go asleep again when they try to.

‘This happens to me multiple times a week. Then wake up over an hour later, 18 month old passed out in my lap and my neck killing me because we’re sitting on a couch and I have no head/neck support.’ kittyraces

‘My two-year-old pokes me in the eyes if I pretend to be asleep.’ Rose1982

We are liking this comment, though, and will absolutely be stealing her trick:

‘I usually put my phone on vibrate and set an alarm for 30-45 minutes, just in case I do fall asleep.’ GaudyBass94

What do YOU think, mamas? Have you tried this trick? Does it work for you? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie