13-year-old Cavan girl releases song with a powerful anti-bullying message 2 months ago

13-year-old Cavan girl releases song with a powerful anti-bullying message

A teenage girl from Cavan has released a music video with a strong message.

13-year-old Ruby O'Kelly wrote the song to speak out against bullying and let young people know that they are not alone.

Since being uploaded to YouTube last week, Ruby's song You Won't Stop Me has been viewed over 5,000 times and support for her music is growing every day.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a piece about how my own experience of being bullied at school made me worry about the same thing happening to my children.

While to the person making nasty remarks to another child at school or online it may mean nothing and even be something they forget soon afterwards, for the victim the impact is far greater. A large number of Irish teenagers have said they self-harmed or attempted suicide as a result of bullying.

Ruby said that watching so many young people deal with bullying is what inspired her to speak out and let people know that it's never ok to bully another person.

Speaking on her YouTube channel Ruby said;

"At twelve years of age i had witnessed so much bullying , so many girls and boys my age struggling with their own mental health , struggling with every day life , things that should be simple and enjoyable like going to school . One night i begun to write these lyrics , then i added the music and created my first ever song . Im so proud of it but also proud of the important message in it .

You never know what someone is going through , be kind always ."

Ruby's powerful song comes the same month as Eir's new anti-bullying initiative in memory of bullying victim Nicole Fox.