Experts advise on what age children can sit in the front seat of a car 2 weeks ago

Experts advise on what age children can sit in the front seat of a car

As your little one grows, many parents start to think about when it will be appropriate to let them sit in the front seat of the car.

Whether you need to shuttle more children than can fit in the back from place to place, or notice that some of their friends are allowed to sit in the front seat at school pick up, it can be confusing.

So if you're questioning whether to make the move yourself, here is some expert advice that you can reference when making that decision.

According to the Road Safety Authority: "All children under 150cms in height or 36kgs (79lbs) in weight must use a child restraint system (CRS) suitable for their height and weight while travelling in a car or goods vehicle (other than a taxi).

"An example of a CRS would be a child car seat or booster cushion."

It is important to note that there is no law against children sitting in the front seat in Ireland, however they must be secured in the right child restraint for their height and weight.

Despite there being no law on sitting in the front seat, "it is illegal to use a rearward-facing child car seat in a passenger seat protected by an airbag.

"The deployment of an airbag where a rearward–facing baby seat is in place can cause serious injury to the child or even death."

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Parents and guardians are also advised that: "There is now a penalty for drivers who place a rearward-facing child car seat in the front where there is an active airbag.

"You may receive at least 3 penalty points on your driving licence as a penalty. Drivers have a legal responsibility to ensure that all passengers under 17 are appropriately restrained in the vehicle."

However, "Children should always travel in the back of the car, away from active airbags and the dashboard."

The only people exempt from using child car seats are Taxi drivers.

For those who do not have back seats in their cars, the RSA advises that you should: "Think carefully about driving with a child in the front seat – even in the forward position.

"You must make sure that the passenger seat is rolled back as far away from the dashboard as possible. This could help to reduce the severity of injuries that may be caused to your child if the airbag is released.

"Remember – airbags are designed for adults. A child, even in a child car seat, does not replicate (copy) the typical
position of an adult in the passenger seat."


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