Parents warned to avoid making potentially dangerous paddling pool mistake 3 months ago

Parents warned to avoid making potentially dangerous paddling pool mistake

Parents are being warned to avoid making a potentially dangerous mistake when setting up the paddling pool this summer.

The weather is up and down at the moment, but more sunshine is on the way for Ireland and that means more time outside for all of the family.

Keeping the kids cool on the many hot days ahead is important and having a paddling pool for them to play in is a great way to achieve that while keeping them entertained.

However, a water safety expert has warned parents with young kids to be vigilant when it comes to paddling pools, and urged them not to make a potentially fatal mistake.

Lee Heard, charity director at Royal Lifesaving Society UK, told The Sun: "With the imminent heatwave warning affecting parts of the UK this weekend, we know we'll see lots of families either heading to the water or enjoying water at home with paddling pools and swimming pools in the garden."

Heard went on to say: "Sadly drowning can happen very quickly, so it's vital to ensure that you do not leave your child alone when they are in or near water.

"In order to ensure your child’s safety when they are in or around water, never leave them unsupervised."


He then urged parents to make sure they empty the pool when their children are done playing in it. Even if they think their little ones will want to play in it later on in the day, you can quickly refill it and supervise.

When the pool is empty, parents are then advised to turn the pool upside down so that water won't end up collecting in it and creating a potentially fatal hazard.


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