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14th Apr 2020

Book Hub Publishing are holding free poetry tutorials for Leaving Cert students

Melissa Carton

This is brilliant.

As things currently stand, the Leaving Cert is still set to be held this summer.

For students preparing for these exams the current lock down conditions has made studying very difficult, especially since they can’t get the help from teachers that they would in the classroom.

A lot of companies have adapted to try and help parents and students learning from home and I’ve been keeping my eye out for as many supports as possible.

If your teenager is currently studying for their Leaving Cert you can add Book Hub Publishing to your list of handy study supports as they are offering free poetry tutorials for those preparing for their English exam.

Book Hub Publishing which is an independent publishing house situated in the west of Ireland recently posted a video speaking about how they hope to support students with their tutorials.

Established in 2009, the publishers will be uploading free short Tutorials for the Leaving Cert 2020 to help students in social isolation.

Their first video features their poetry editor, Edel Hanley, reviewing the wonderful poem, Sport, by Paul Durcan.

In each of these uploads, Book Hub Publishing will answer from the suggested breakdown areas on the prescribed poetry section.

Poetry can be one of the trickier parts of the English exam as students are often asked to discuss topics like the themes and the break down of the poem which students would usually discuss with their teachers in the run up to the exam.

These tutorials from Book Hub Publishing is a really great help in this way as it gives students that little bit more support and advice when it comes to preparing for their English paper.

The free tutorials can be watched from Book Hub Publishing’s Facebook page with the first tutorial already available to view.