#Covid-19: Even J.Lo admits to finding home schooling the absolute worst 9 months ago

#Covid-19: Even J.Lo admits to finding home schooling the absolute worst

See – they really are just like us.

If you have struggled your way through these past few weeks, trying to juggle Irish spellings and flipping Easter bingo charts and not to mention maths questions that has you toying with the idea of becoming a daytime drinker, then know that we feel you, parents. Teachers are clearly saints, and can we all agree they deserve those eight week holidays dealing with this s**t on a daily basis?!

Anyway, sometimes it helps to realise we are all in the same boat – even celebrities.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez opened up about her new normal on the at-home edition of The Ellen DeGeneres show, and revealed that she is, indeed, having some difficulty, too. On the show, DeGeneres asked who in their household homeschools their four children and the singer shared that she was doing the majority of it—but it hasn't been easy.

"Honestly, I think we're all like, what is this? I'm not a teacher, and also, have you seen the math that they make the kids do now? It's a new math," she said. "Half the time I'm like, 'Okay, yeah, let's look up that word. It's been an experience, for sure."


However, it seems like J.Lo, like the rest of us, is just making the most of this strange time – even showing off some cool tricks her son has been working on during the lockdown: