Here's the age most parents tell their kids the, ahem, truth about Santa 1 year ago

Here's the age most parents tell their kids the, ahem, truth about Santa

Kids love Christmas.

They mainly love Christmas due to the presence of Santa and all of the gifts he brings.

He's a solid enough dude. But unfortunately for us, and for children everywhere, the magic of Santa can't last forever.

It just can't.

There comes a time where every parent has to admit the truth, say what the craic really is and get on with their lives. It's a harsh reality but everyone has to do it - it's just a question of when the right time is.

For some, it comes when their child has already figured out the truth... and for others it's when they start secondary school to spare them the embarrassment of being the only one in the class who hasn't been told.

And for others, it's just whenever they feel like it, really.

And while there's no optimum time that you should tell you child about Santa, there is an average age that most parents tend to get it done at - 10-years-old.


Seems standard enough, yeah.

New research conducted by Tombola shows that the majority of parents (57 percent) in the UK tells their children the truth when they're 10.

23 percent tell their kids when they're seven-years-old, with the same amount waiting until they've turned eight.

In a bizarre twist of events, the research found that 10 percent told their kids when they were one-year-old, with 17.3 percent never telling their children the truth at all.

We're not entirely sure how these parents are getting away with not telling their children ever.

We just hope they find out some other way, tbh.